Ortur Laser Master 3 20w

Ortur Laser Master 3 20w


The master 3 laser just got better! Now available with a 20w true power laser module.

This machine also includes the Ortur Air Assist pump in the box.


Motherboard: 11th Ortur Laser Motherboard, with 32Bits MCU

Firmware: Ortur Laser Master V2.4 Firmware

Safety Precautions:

1.Active Position Protection,

2.Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation,

3.Laser Beam Safety Guard.

4.Safety Lock.

5.Emergency Stop Button

6.Power Control System

7.Support WIFI, WEB UI, OFFLINE Control, Ortur APP for Iphone,Android cellphone,Ipad, Android Tablet

Engraving Area: 380MM×400MM

Speed: 20,000mm/min Max

Available Laser Modules:

LU3-20A Laser Modules (Real Luminous Power: 20,000mw)

Every 50 hours of use, please clean the lens with a medical cotton swab and alcohol.


Mobile App - Laser Explorer

Free Desktop Software - lasergrbl - Tutorials

Paid Software - lightburn - Tutorials (£50 one off payment)

Please allow 7-12 working days for delivery due to drop shipping.

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