Our Business

Best 3D Printing in Manchester

We are a small business based in Radcliffe, Manchester. We offer a wide range of spares and upgrades for 3D printers. We have a vision of being a one stop shop for spares and consumables for printing. 
We are looking at implementing a servicing and upgrade installation service. This is because we understand that it can be very daunting having to fit new sometimes expensive electronic components and have to alter the firmware for the printer. So we can take that stress away and can advise on the best route to take with your upgrade goal. Also, we offer a design and print service which we can do bespoke one-off designs or batch runs of parts. We can print in a wide range of materials ranging from PLA to PETG depending on the application. For any question, reach out today on +447496471240.

Printing Services

Here at Manchester 3D Printing we can offer both SLA printing and FDM Printing. we can accommodate most turn-around times and can also offer a design service if required. Information on the printing processes we are capable can be found below.

SLA printing is a method which used UV sensitive resin and a strong UV light (in our case) to cure the resin in the shape of your product in layers. Commonly this is used for things like miniatures or fine detail work as you can print down at 0.01mm Layers.

FDM Printing is the more common and known method if 3D printing. This takes filament off a roll and feeds it in to a print head which is heated to a set temperature and layers the material up. Cooling it as it is printed. This is a faster process then SLA printing so is perfect for fast turn around projects just fixture design and development.

The maximum sizes we are able to do before cutting models up and joining for both types of printing is:

FDM 750x400x400mm, 400x400x500mm
SLA 120x68x155mm

Bespoke Printer Frame & Enclosures

Have you ever wanted to design and build your own printer or CNC and don't have the tools/equipment to do it? We can now offer bespoke machining services for aluminium extrusions. We can offer both silver and black in V-slot extrusion and also silver in the Euro standard extrusion.  V-slot extrusion is available in the following Sizes: 2020, 2040, 2060, 2080, 4040. C-beams also available. We are now also offering custom enclosure kits which can be designed around your needs. If you have just one printer or a print farm of 30 printers. We are happy to help no matter how big or small the project is. Our Design fee is £10/hr.