Master 3 LE

Master 3 LE

From £339.99

New laser from Ortur the Master 3 LE. This machine allows you to swap out the head module allowing an easy upgrade of the machine.


  • Engraving speed up to 15,000mm/min, can save 1/3 of the time.
  • High-quality silent motor, reduces vibration and noise, prolongs motor life.
  • Compatible with a variety of mainstream software, supports 'Laser Explorer' APP (Simple mode and Professional mode), USB, and WiFi mode.
  • 5 safety functions to ensure the safety of the use environment.
  • Compatible with a variety of accessories to meet 99% of engraving needs.


Mobile App - Laser Explorer

Free Desktop Software - lasergrbl - Tutorials

Paid Software - lightburn - Tutorials (£50 one off payment)

Please allow 5-12 working days due to drop shipping

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