Master 3 Essentials Bundles

Master 3 Essentials Bundles

From £694.97

**Saving £52 against when buying them separately** 

This bundle provides the basic items which are needed to use the machine to its full potential. 

The bundle includes:

  • Ortur Master 3 Laser (10W Power)
  • Ortur Air Assist Kit
  • Ortur Engraving Bed

The master 3 is fitted with various safety features such as the emergency stop which is located on the front of the machine for easy access. Also there is a lockable switch which will allow the operator to make of no unauthorised running of the machine. 

You can connect to the machine using the mobile app and fitted Wi-Fi. Also there is a USB port in order to connect direct to the machine. 

The engraving board helps massively with the finish of your parts. It allows fumes and waste material to be moved clear from the material you are cutting. This will reduce/eliminate the discolouration which usually happens with laser cutting. 

The air assist kit again helps with surface finish of the part by clearing fumes and waste material whilst the machine is running.

 This kit has been put together to ensure the end user has the best experience with laser cutting and ensures that you are able to use the full potential of the machine.


Mobile App - Laser Explorer

Free Desktop Software - lasergrbl - Tutorials

Paid Software - lightburn - Tutorials (£50 one off payment)

PLEASE NOTE: The 20w variant is already supplied with a air pump so we are including the Z height adaptor. This allows for easy setup of the focus point.

Please allow 7-12 working days for delivery due to drop shipping.

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