Algolaser DIY 5w/10w

Algolaser DIY 5w/10w

From £229.99

Motherboard-8MB RAM, 8MB storage memory, and a built-in 32GB SD card

Control Methods: Laser GRBL, LightBurn, APP, Web Ul

Connection Methods: Wifi(2.4G),TF Card,USB

Available Laser Modules: 5W Laser Modules (Real Luminous Power: 5,000mw) 10W Laser Modules (Real Luminous Power: 10,000mw)


1. High Accuracy, High Speed

2. Allows offline control with WiFi-supported

3. Strong compatibility enabled by a powerful motherboard. 4. Smaller laser spot (0.04mm*0.09mm) 5. Dual-core CPU

6. Easy to Upgrade and Expand

7. User-friendly Installation

8. 7 Safety Protections

a. Machine Offset Detection and Protection

b. Machine Tilt Detection and Protection

c. USB Connection Detection and Protection

d. Beam detection and protection

e. Current and Voltage Detection and Protection

f. Emergency Stop Switch

g. Key Lock Engraving Area: 400MM×400MM

Speed: 20000mm/min Max Box Size: 650x295x145mm

Gross Weight: 5.0KGS

Please allow around 7-10 working days due to drop shipping

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