Algolaser Delta 40w

Algolaser Delta 40w


The Delta laser is the worlds first smart laser machine! You can run this machine without the need for any software on a PC for engraving for example. All you need to do is upload image files in the supported format and you can set it up on the 3.5 inch full colour touch screen.

It has a new spot size which has been developed for more accurate cutting. The dot size at some power settings are:

3% Power - 0.06 x 0.05mm

100% Power - 0.16 x 0.14mm

As with the Alpha it is possible to produce full colour engravings on the delta thanks to its 40w laser module.

The 4 core dual CPU and 8gb RAM on the motherboard make it considerably faster than other machines. Other machines take up to 180 seconds to upload a file but the delta is capable of loading files in 10 seconds!

The included air pump is simply plug and play and the machine will automatically set the pump at 30% power for engraving and 100% whilst cutting. You don't need to do anything apart from connect it to the machine.

The machine is already pre-assembled so you can get it out of the box and functioning in record time!

Please allow 7-12 working days for delivery due to drop shipping

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