Algolaser Alpha 22w

Algolaser Alpha 22w

From £639.99


The bundle includes an engraving bed and risers to allow the machine to sit higher if needed.

This is a new machine from Algolasers. This machine is packed full of features such as:

  • Flame alert : real-time monitoring of laser temperatures to ensure safe operation
  • Air pressure monitoring: Ensures a consistent flow of air from the air pump
  • Machine offset detection & protection: This will ensure even after a power cut that the machine can carry on cutting the same project out no matter what.
  • Machine tilt detection & protection: If the machine is bumped at all the laser module will shut off in order to protect the user from any harm
  • Key Switch: You get 2 keys with the machine. This is a physical switch that is turned on and off with a key. This ensures only trained/authorized persons are the only ones to access the machine.
  • Emergency stop button: this button will allow you to quickly and safely stop the machine instantly in the case of an emergency.

The machine is very with with an impressive 30,000 mm/min maximum movement speed and 20,000 mm/min engraving speed. This machine will increase the efficiency of producing products/projects greatly.

Included with the machine is an air assist pump which will automatically start & stop when the machine is in operation. You just need to set the desired airflow with the built-in controller.

You can also use this laser to etch stainless steel with colour. 

You can create over 500+ shades of colours which will give you an additional service you could potentially offer.

An example of the impressive speed of the alpha laser is shown below:

Image size: 210*280mm

Mode: Greyscale

G-code cluster enabled

Alpha: 36 minutes

Others: 270 minutes

Please allow 7 - 15 working days for delivery due to drop shipping

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