Endzilla 400 Range (Ender 3)

Endzilla 400 Range (Ender 3)

From £150.00

SKU: M3DP002

Already have a Ender 3 but want to print bigger?

We have the solution with the 400XL & 400ZXL kits!

The kit comes with everything needed for a 400x400mm print bed size.

No need to go and spend money on a new printer. Just adapt and over come!

They will come with all the necessary extrusions, longer wires, printed parts etc for the build. Also includes a aluminium plate to bolt to the existing heatbed. Although, the stock heatbed will heat our plates up fine, should you wish to use this.

Release the monster which is hidden in your Ender!

Please note: stock kits will ship with a piece of sheet aluminium which may need an additional surface such as glass. Alternatively, you can use a BL touch and Mesh bed levelling.

400XL- 400mm in X and Y ONLY! STOCK Z HEIGHT.

400ZXL - 400mm in X and Y. 500mm in Z

Aluminium extrusion colour: Black.

Colours of printed parts may vary due to stock levels.

STL files are available on our customer Facebook group.

If you have any questions about this kit, please get in touch


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