Endzilla 400 Heatmat

Endzilla 400 Heatmat


This heat mat is 350x350mm and is suitable for use with the Endzilla 400 Series of kits. We had our manufacturer design this mat up as the standard heat mat which is bolted to the new build plate is good for PLA and PETG, But it lacks power for higher temps.

They feature a 3M adhesive backing in order to fix it to the build plate.

We strongly suggest using a MOSFET for any large heat mat. Amazon Link : https://amzn.to/3qtq9aM

You must check your PSU and make sure it is suitable for this upgrade.

Power: 300 Watts

Voltage : 24V

Maximum Temperature: 104 Degrees C

Please jote:

Once heatmats have been fitted using the adhesive we can not accept returns on the item.

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