Endzilla Pro 3D Printer - 300ZL - No

Endzilla Pro 3D Printer


Want a bigger printer but upgrading yourself seems daunting? 

Here at Manchester 3D Printing we have you covered. We have made all the kits we have available on our site as full printers!

They are available with or with out automatic bed levelling. They come complete with a glass bed and upgraded metal extruder out of the box! All extrusion is BLACK.

Now is a great time to upgrade your setup or add to your print farm. 

If you purchase any other upgrades like a dual Z with the printer we will even fit that for you. So take the stress out of getting a new 3D printer today.

All printers are fully tested before sending and test prints will be shipped with them.

The build space sizes for each model is as follows: 

300L - 300x300x250mm 

300ZL - 300x300x500mm

400XL - 400x400x250mm

400ZXL - 400x400x500mm

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