Acmer P1 laser machine

Acmer P1 laser machine

From £274.99

The P1 is the entry laser from Acmer. This machine packs a punch for the price!

This machine can be purchased with either a 10w or 20w laser unit. The 10w unit which will suit most cutting and engraving tasks. the 20w can even handle engrave stainless steel!

Focusing the laser on this machine takes seconds. This is due to the lead screw design on the Z axis. This makes for quick and precise adjustment to the focus point on the machine.

Once the built in gyro detects a tilt of more than 15 degrees it will automatically shut off the machine. This protects the machine from damage but more importantly it protects the user from exposure to the laser directly.

The maximum work area for this machine is 400mmx410mm 

Please allow 10-15 working days for delivery due to drop shipping

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